Is there a way a profile can subscribe to a list more than once?

  • 24 June 2022
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I’m currently using Klaviyo forms as a contact form on my website, and when someone submits a form, it triggers a notification email for us to get in contact with them. However, if the same person returns and uses the same email, it doesn’t trigger the flow and no notification is sent. 


Any idea how an email address can be added to a list more than once so it will trigger the flow everytime they submit the form?


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Hi @Caseybp


Welcome to the Community! Happy to share more insight on this! 


Your signup form for is probably connected to a List that triggers a Flow that then sends you a notification email. However, List-triggered Flows can only be triggered once, which is why a profile doesn’t re-enter a flow if they fill out the form again. Do you mind sharing what the intention of your form is? It seems like a metric-triggered flow might be a better fit as this kind of flow can be entered as many times as a profile takes the trigger action


However, ‘Filled out a Form’ isn’t a native integration for most eccommerce sites, so I would encourage you to either consider integrating with a Form platform like Typeform, which could then trigger a flow based on a ‘Filled out Form’ metric if you use their forms, or creating a custom event for ‘Filled out Form’. The latter suggestion would deal with custom coding, while neither Support nor Community can help troubleshoot custom coding, you’d need to contact you dev team or a Klaviyo partner to help you create this! 


Finally, I’d recommend you read these similar threads which will you give you more insight and ideas into this! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!