multi-step form, how to submit to 2 separate lists

  • 25 January 2024
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We have a multi-step form. Step 1 collects name/email and adds the individual to our Newsletter list (and triggers the related flow). Step 2 is optional -- if someone wants a free sample, they can continue to Step 2 and provide their mailing address.  In this case, they land on our Samples list. The list part is relevant because we want to make sure to send that double opt-in associated with the Samples list.

However, it seems I need to add an email address field to Step 2 in order to be able to direct the submission to a list (or a phone number, which we would prefer to not require).

Step 1 applies a “Submit” action that adds to the Newsletter list and continues to Step 2.

Step 2 applies a “Submit” action that, ideally, adds to the Samples list and continues to the Thank You text.

It would be great to not put the email field on Step1 and Step2, not only because Klaviyo doesn’t like this as it seems it can override the value submitted in Step1, but also because it is a bit of duplicate entry for the customer (and increases the opportunity for a typo).

Is there any way to pass the email address submitted on Step1 as a variable/hidden field/profile property on Step2? Or is there a way to trigger the opt-in email for a new list? 

It looks like a workaround to this would be to just have Step2 add a profile property that adds them to a segment that fires a webhook that calls the API to subscribe the person to the Samples list, but if there is a form-based way to accomplish this, that would certainly be preferable.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi there @Wesley TGB


Welcome to the Community! Great job troubleshooting this so far! 


You’re correct, you typically need an email associated with adding a profile to a list. However, instead of following through with your web hook workaround, do you mind sharing why these users who opt in for a sample need to be added to a list verses a segment? I would suggest using the Step 2 profile property step so when a user presses submit after they share their address a hidden profile property is added to their profile, ‘Opt in for Sample’ for example.


You can then use a conditional split in your welcome flow for the List they were added to in step 1 to check if they have the sample property on the profile. If they do, they can receive a special ‘Thank you’ message for signing up for a sample instead of a normal thank you message. You can additionally always export a segment as a CSV in case you want to upload it to another integration to send their samples with their addresses.


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