My Form isn't loading on Shopify (but pop up is fine)

  • 23 March 2022
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I’m trying to embed some sign up forms on product pages on my shopify website but nothing is showing up when I add the code into the product page. 


My global pop up form is working fine and the app settings are integrated etc.


any ideas? thanks - Will


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Hi @cedarspringrecreation,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

First, I recommend double-checking that the embed form is indeed published within your Signup Forms tab in Klaviyo. If it’s published, it should have a filled in green circle like this.

Next, navigate into the signup form and verify that the display settings are aligned with your observations. By that I mean you do not have it set to desktop only and are observing this behavior on mobile or vice versa. Also ensure the targeting behaviors are not preventing the form from appearing on your end. For example, if you are cookied and trying to view the form with the setting “Don’t show to existing Klaviyo profiles”, the form will not appear for you based on this targeting setting but will display for others who are not cookied. The easiest way to test this if you are targeting “By Visitor” is to open up an incognito browser and try previewing the embed form through that browser. 

Once all of the above is ruled out, copy the embed code and head to the page on your Shopify site and view the page source (right-click a blank part of the page and select “view page source”) searching for your specific embed code snippet. If you do not see the embed code on the page, then you haven’t pasted it in the correct Shopify liquid file. I recommend asking Shopify for assistance to ensure you have the code pasted in the file that corresponds to the page you’re targeting. 

If you do see the Klaviyo embed code on the page, but the form still isn’t appearing, you may have conflicting code on the page preventing it from appearing. If this is the case, I recommend searching the page for “company_ID”, to see if you have conflicting API keys on the page. If you see multiple javascript snippets containing “company_id”, please reach out to our support team for further assistance on removing the duplicate snippet. If you do not find multiple scripts containing “company_ID”, you may need to work with a developer or seek further assistance from Shopify to identify the conflicting code.

I hope that is helpful :)