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  • 12 May 2022
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When my email popup forms are activated on my shopify site they work as intended with one exception. If anyone clicks on the second product image on the product page the popup form persistently shows up. Very strange. Any idea on how to fix this bug? 

example. click on the second picture from the top left hand picture column and you should see what I mean.



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3 replies

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Hello @ironman,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

That is certainly an odd behavior! Did you happen to disable the signup form or make any changes? Taking a look at the website you linked and clicking on the second image, I wasn’t able to get any signup form to appear. Though, I would suggest double checking to see what your signup form’s behavior and settings were along with if you have any additional site codes that may be causing this sort of behavior.

One thing that comes to mind that can cause this behavior was if you were using a custom trigger for your form similar to what is described in the How to Trigger a Popup or Flyout Form When a Button Is Clicked or How to Trigger a Legacy Popup When a Button is Clicked Help Center articles. If you were using a custom trigger function, I would recommend working alongside your developer to customize and code a trigger that works best for you. 

If you were not using a custom trigger, I’d be curious to know if you happened to have the Display Frequency behavior of Don't show again after submit form or go to URL action enabled as this setting typically would prevent this behavior. With that setting enabled, it should prevent the form from appearing again if your visitor has either filled out and submitted the form or has closed the form for any reason and stop it from appearing for the same user in a certain amount of time. 

I’ve also seen cases where the signup form that is appearing and/or having issues with is not a Klaviyo one. In which case, you’ll want to investigate further as to the source of the form such as if its provided by your ecommerce platform and/or a third party form provided you are using. 

I hope this helps!



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Hi David,

Here is the link.

I enabled the form popup on this product only. You will see the form popups when you click on the first or second image on the left, and does not stop popping up!


In terms of settings: Im using a 20 sec delay. Dont show again. desktop only. all profiles. certain urls only. certain locations. 

Can I turn off custom trigger?


please help!


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Hey @ironman,

I’m still not seeing what you are describing after clicking on those images a number of times. Though, on this webpage, I was able to see a flyout form appear with the message of “Win a free rug”. Was this the form in question rather than a popup form? If so, I still wasn’t able to surmise any odd behavior from this form. Instead of based on a click, this form seems to be set with a load delay behavior. Once the form appears, I was able to close the form and continue browsing without issues. After closing and clicking into the various images, the form remained closed. 

Unlike traditional popup forms, flyout forms would remain on the page after appearing and allow visitors to keep browsing without interruption or having the form closed. I’ve previously explained this behavior in a Community post which I’ve linked below:

From what you’re describing of your form, if you have a Loading Delay set for its Display Timing setting, this would suggest you don’t have a custom trigger set up. You can only select and use one Display Timing setting of either: Show immediately on page load, Load Delay, or Custom Trigger.

If you’re still having trouble, I may suggest taking a screen recording of your experience and reaching out to our awesome Support colleagues who can investigate the issue further from within your account. I also believe taking a look at our Guide to Creating a Signup Form and Signup Form Troubleshooting Help Center articles could be helpful along with our handy Creating an Effective Acquisition Strategy Using Signup Forms Academy Course.