Reload embedded sign up form.

  • 18 March 2022
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Anyone have any experience around reloading an embedded sign up form. We are using it for warranty registrations, which requires multiple registrations, however customers removing their cookies the form won’t load again. Any tips, or ideas would be helpful



Best answer by David To 18 March 2022, 15:15

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2 replies

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Cool, thanks @David To ill take a look. We had an app but where getting SMASHED with spam in mailchimp. Trying to avoid this with Klaviyo.


It would be great if Klaviyo could add this function to embedded forms.

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Hello @Davy,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I would suggest taking a look at the comments made by @Taylor Tarpley in the Community post below which discusses a similar topic:

Essentially, you can use an embedded signup form as a means to collect warranty registrations. However, the drawback to this would be if users registered multiple warranties. The new warranty submission would override the existing data which wouldn’t be a great experience for recording historical data. Instead, you’ll want this warranty registration to be saved as a custom event either caused by the form submissions or through some other means. This will allow you to record the event in the user’s profile timeline which would not be overridden if the user registers multiple warranties. 

To ensure your signup form displays to all users, regardless of cookies, you can use the Show to all visitors form targeting behavior. Another thing to keep in mind is if you wanted the form to display regardless if a visitor is using an ad-blocker, you’ll want to ensure your signup form is hardcoded onto your site via HTML/CSS. This is also considered a custom or legacy form

I hope this helps!