Send Existing Profiles "Already Subscribed" Message + How to Hide from Existing Users

  • 6 October 2021
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I am pretty new to klaviyo, store has not gone live fully. 


I like to ask about signup forms(embedded). I have a page for people to subscribe. However, when I browse to this page personally, I get captured by klaviyo into the profile, even though I have not subscribed. TBH I am not sure how I got captured, my guess is maybe a popup captured me. Yes I have a popup sub message and an embedded(in its own link). 


I am not sure then if I should select the radio button “Dont show to existing Klaviyo profiles”. But I want to show to everyone that has not subscribed until they sub. Am I understanding this wrong? 


Is there an alternative, where I choose “show to all visitors”, but somehow will display a different message if already subscribed? 


Any help would be appreciated. thanks.


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Hi @einnairo,

Welcome to the Community! I’ll be happy to advise here.

A Klaviyo Profile is a one that exists within Klaviyo. The customer needs to be cookied in order for Klaviyo to recognize who the customer is. This is in regards to how Klaviyo tracks cookies through three main actions: Active on Site, Add to Cart, and Viewed Product. This cookie is applied by clicking through a Klaviyo Form or Email. In case you need it, you can find instructions on how to cookie your own browser and test these events from the Test Web Tracking subsection of the Guide to Klaviyo Web Tracking Help center article.

If a customer visits the website on a non-Cookied browser (for instance, Incognito mode or a new Browser they have never clicked through a Form or Email on), they will not be a known Klaviyo user and the Form will appear. Similarly, a customer could have created an account on Shopify, but if they have never begun a checkout event or signed up to receive emails, they would not yet have a Klaviyo Profile. 

At this time, it is not possible for Klaviyo signup forms to display an "error" message to customers who have previously submitted a form utilizing the same email address as their current attempt. However, this is a widely requested feature and I'm happy to add your voice to those of the other requesters! 

If you would like to do so, you can set your forms to not show to existing Klaviyo profiles - this provides you with the security that your existing profiles should not see your form after they have initially filled it out. To do this, you will navigate to the form's Behaviors section and click on the option under Targeting to "don't show to existing Klaviyo profiles": 

Beyond this, you could look into utilizing one of our third-party signup form providers who do allow for unique/"already submitted" form messages. Feel free to also work with a partner!

Finally, if you decide not to take either of the alternative paths, customers who subscribe to a list more than once will only enter any Klaviyo Flows triggered by this list one time. Please let me know if you have any additional questions, always happy to help!