Show teaser on all pages but only after visiting certain pages

  • 5 June 2022
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Is it possibly to create a pop up where the teaser shows on every page of the website, but only after the user has visited a certain page?

For context, we want the teaser to show for every user, but only after they’ve spent at least 8 seconds on a product page.

We currently have it set to only show on page URLs containing “/products/”, but because of this the teaser doesn’t show on the categories or home page if the user goes back to continue browsing different products.


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Hello @Daki,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

One way I can imagine you achieving this was using the custom trigger method as part of your popup or flyout form’s display timing setting. Natively, signup forms don’t have the display behavior of an if/then behavior so using the custom trigger option and building in your own desired trigger would be your best option.

For example, if you build in this behavior to only have a Klaviyo form display after the user has visited certain pages, you can also then have a teaser tied to this form with any of the options of either, after form is closed, before displaying form, or before displaying form and after form is closed. Using the before displaying form and after form is closed option would allow you to achieve this experience you’re ultimately looking for of a teaser displaying on every webpage, but only after the user has visited a specific page. 

If you need help building out this sort of custom trigger, I would recommend working with a developer you are familiar with or working alongside some of our wonderful Klaviyo Partners!

I hope this helps!