Summer AMA: Signup Forms and Building Relationships

Summer AMA: Signup Forms and Building Relationships
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Hi there, Klaviyo Community!

With the summer season approaching, we thought it would be a good time to get some questions in and talk about how to improve your relationships with customers through signup forms!

For this AMA, we wanted to focus on utilizing tools like signup forms to help build your relationships with customers. This is the perfect time to get all your questions in and hear from our Product Manager of signup forms@udayko to help sharpen your skills! 


To learn more and grow your Signup Form knowledge this summer, submit your questions on this form by 5:00pm EST on Monday, June 6, 2022 before it closes! Be sure to subscribe and check back on this post on MondayJune 13, 2022 to see what other Community members are asking, and what @udayko  recommends!

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Great stuff here, thanks for sharing this form wisdom with the Community!

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Happy Monday, Klaviyo Community!

Thank you everyone for submitting your wonderful questions and sharing what you were curious about when it comes to signup forms and how to build relationships with them! 

We gathered the questions and had a conversation with @udayko to discuss the trends we saw and answer the frequently asked questions. Here is how it went!

  1. We’ve seen that our signup performance has been taking a toll lately. Do you have ideas for how we can improve that?
    Great question! Here are some suggestions that come to mind:

- Utilize the Targeting & Behavior section of Sign Up forms builder to experiment with different display timing and display frequency rules. We allow users to display the Sign Up form after a delay, when the customer is about to leave the site or when they scroll down on your site. Making changes to the display frequency will allow Sign Up Forms to be displayed to customers that have previously closed them more often. 

- Add a form teaser so customers are reminded to submit your Sign Up Form if they accidentally or intentionally close it.

- Experiment with the different types of Sign Up forms! Klaviyo offers: flyout, popup, and embedded forms for users to customize and make their own.


  1. What are some best practices or examples for using Teasers?
    Teasers are a great way to get your customers' attention and compel them to Sign Up for your marketing. You can add text, emojis, colors, and a background image to your teaser. At a minimum, your teaser should hint at your form’s offer. Keep the teaser short for maximum impact. Here are some examples of teaser text for inspiration: 
    15% off 
    Redeem gift 
    Enter giveaway
    Free shipping ➡️

  2. We feel that most signup forms are pretty generic and mundane. What are some unique ways you’ve seen people use signup forms?
    Although signup forms are a great way to collect subscribers, a lot of people often miss the fact that a popup or flyout signup form can be an easy way to mimic a notice on a website! We’ve seen this with great success, especially during the height of the Covid pandemic and the Holiday seasons. When we talk about building a relationship through signup forms, it’s not only about collecting subscribers, but also informing your site visitors. An analogy I like to use to explain this is using a signup form as a notice is like a greeter at the door of a store either directing people to where they need to go, informing them of something such as a sale in the store, or even just seeing if they want a reward membership!  You can also use Sign Up forms to collect information about customer preferences and later use this information to build campaigns and flows.



  1. My signup form sometimes doesn’t appear on my site. Can you briefly explain the methods to customize the behavior of those forms and target certain people?
    Great question. Please check your Sign Up Form’s Targeting & Behavior rules. We allow you to display the Sign Up form after a delay, when the customer is about to leave the site or when they scroll down on your site. We also allow you to target based on visitors, URL, and geo-location. 



  1. How can I build a sign up form to collect multiple pieces of information and segment those to my Klaviyo account for different flows?

    We have several help center articles that can walk you through this process. This article shows you how to setup a form to collect multiple pieces of information and this article covers how to segment customers based on collected information. 

  2. I’ve seen the “Custom Trigger” under the display timing setting, what does it mean and what are some ways I can use it?
    The custom trigger feature allows you to trigger sign up forms when certain conditions you specify are met on your site (for example, the end-user clicks a button or link). Please note that when you set up a custom trigger on your site using this code, and that trigger is met, the form will open regardless of any other targeting or triggering criteria you’ve set up within the form builder in Klaviyo. The custom trigger code will always work even if, for instance, you select "loading delay" instead. The form will open on whatever comes first - either custom trigger, or loading delay. More details in this help article

  3. Can I have an email and SMS profile go into different lists for a sign up form?

    Yes, we now have the ability to select your list for Email and SMS when you build your Sign Up form.
  4. How can I set up a form so that the success message automatically applies a discount code?

    We recently launched Coupon Blocks in our Sign Up Forms builder. For Shopify sites, these coupon codes are automatically added to checkout for end users. They are also copied to the customer’s clipboard upon the customer clicking the coupon code. We hope that we can continue to streamline and make coupons a more automated part of the customer journey.
  5. I am seeing a lot of fake users spam my sign up forms. How can I prevent this from happening and negatively impacting my account?

    We added bot protection to Coupon blocks in Sign Up Forms. For forms with a coupon block on the success step, we prevent spam bots from obtaining your Coupon Codes. In the future, we are considering expanding bot protection for other Sign Up forms to avoid this from impacting our users.

Once again, thank you everyone for tuning in to our Summer AMA regarding signup forms! We hope that the information here was valuable to your Klaviyo experience and will prove itself beneficial to you. We would love to hear if there is something you learned from this post. So feel free to leave a comment if it helped! Additionally, here are some related community posts on this topic if you want to learn more.

Thank you again for your time!