What do to with contacts that subscribe again (and again and again...) via a Klaviyo form?

  • 6 January 2022
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HI All, we’re pretty new to Klaviyo coming from Infusionsoft.

Here’s my issue:  Contacts consistently “re-subscribe” in order to attempt to gain access to another coupon code.

How we used to handle it:

Facts: we offer a one time larger discount for signing up.  This is used often. Some contacts either forget they are already subscribed to our list or they attempt to gain access to that same discount again by using the form again.

In Keap/Infusionsoft, it was a very simple matter to check to their status and send them a different email.  Example - is contact already subscribed?  Yes → Send email that informs them they’ve already subscribed.  No? → send them the first time welcome email.

But in Klaviyo, when I fill out a form a second or third time.. I receive no email.  No welcome email, no welcome series, no nothing - despite the fact the “success” message says go look for a confirmation email.  Feels sloppy.

I was on a different website and I tested what they did, and their form stops you right on the spot if your email address is already known, pretty slick.  

What is the Kalviyo way?


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Hi @JayH


Nice to see you again! Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Are you and users who are ‘re-subscribing’ using the same email account upon form submission? While Klaviyo’s form functionality doesn’t catch an already inputted email address, a user who has already gone through a list-triggered welcome flow,  will not go through it again and receive another discount email if it is set up to be send in your welcome flow. This would be the reason why you’r not receiving the same emails again if you’re re-signing up with the same email that’s already exists in the list connected to the form. 


Additionally, you could create a segment that allows you to see who has used discount codes in shopify and magento. However, you could also create a legacy form that will be custom coded to your desired behavior and  function , i.e. you could build out the form to identify users who have already filled out the form. It should be noted that B=because legacy forms use custom HTML and CSS, neither the Community or Support team will be able to assist with troubleshooting legacy forms. I would contact your dev team or our extensive network of agency partners you can work with as well to provide more assistance on this matter.


Finally, I’d check out this other post. to gain more insight into Legacy forms!


Thanks for your participation in the Community!