Why can't I tag a Signup Form?

  • 13 August 2021
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I can add a tag to Flows and Campaigns, but not Sign Up forms. It makes it very difficult to manage separate B2C and B2B Signup forms at the same time other than using the naming convention of the form itself.


  1. Being able to tag lists would make it very easy to tag something as B2C or B2B, then filter down to what are currently focusing on
  2. We can currently manage our Campaigns and Flows via tags so adding this to the Signup Forms section wouldn’t be too hard, and it would make using Klaviyo much more consistent
  3. Having user level access at a tag level would make it easy for us to invite external partners to our account to manage signup forms for their market

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Hey @AdamMcA

Thank you so much for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community with your suggestion about use case for signup form tags!

I completely agree with you that signup form tags would make organization and maintenance of your B2C and B2B signup forms much more convenient.  This is such a great idea that I have submitted a product feature request to our product team, on your behalf, for them to evaluate the use and need for this feature. I will reach back out to this thread if there is any news or updates on this feature request.

Thank you again for such a great idea, and being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Yes please :)

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Has this become a feature yet? I have a wholesale signup form and a regular signup form and it currently puts them on the same list. I would love to have a separate tag for wholesale clients so they aren’t seeing all my retail promotions that they can’t use. Thank you!

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Hi there @beeoch,

I think that might be a separate feature if I am understanding correctly. I believe original post refers to how campaigns and flows can be organized within the account through tags. However, are you possibly looking to segment customers and tag customers based on whether or not they are wholesale?

One idea that comes to mind is that once someone fills out the form, they will have a profile property added to their profile. You can create segments of these profile properties to automatically populate with profiles that select something from this form. For example if someone on your signup form checks wholesale, their profile will be tagged with a wholesale tag and you could create flows sent just to people with that tag.

Another thing I can think of assuming that is what you are looking for would be to just have two different lists to send emails to based on responses. Instead of grouping both wholesale and regular responses to the same list, why not just separate them since you have a method for distinguishing responses and then you can create flows that way.


Let me know your thoughts,