Why is my embedded Klaviyo form appearing on all default pages?

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I’ve been trying to embed a form on my Shopify website that I only want to appear in a specific page but when I follow the instructions Themes > Customize > Select the page > Add Custom Liquid > copy the embed code it appear on the page I want AND in every other Default page. 

Does anyone know how can I solve this? Can’t find anything in Klaviyo help :(

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @cerealmilk, welcome to the community!

I think what’s happening is your Theme creator is adding the embed code to all pages (and not a specific page) in the the Theme Editor.  It’s really depends on how the Theme was implemented so it’s hard to sort this out without looking at how your Theme was built. For example, it’s totally reasonable for the Theme author to assume you wanted to add a Footer Signup Form, you would want that on all Pages.  

Alternatively, have you tried placing the Embed Code directly in the Page Source?  Navigate to the Shopify Page (no in the Theme Editor), and in the Description Box, click on the Source View and paste in the Embed Code like this:


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It worked! Thank you so much  :)