why popup form not working on my woocommerce website

  • 26 November 2023
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I'm trying to use klaviyo's popup form in my website.
But I followed your tutorial to make and integrate it, and your system also showed success. But why can’t your pop-up form appear on my website?
I have disabled all plugins except klaviyo and switched the theme to wordpress's default theme. But still no job.
Can anyone help me?





Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 27 November 2023, 17:26

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Hi there @frankli


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


As it seems like you have successfully added your Klaviyo .js script on your site, do you have other forms that have successfully published on your site? This will help determine if all forms have an issue getting published on your site or if it’s only popup forms.


For instance, if embed forms publish without error, I would investigate if there are targeting behaviors you’ve added to the popup that aren’t being met, which would prevent the form from being viewed even if it’s live. To test this I would remove the behaviors set in place or create a net new form to see if this could be the issue. 


Thank you for participating in the Community!