Adding SMS Consent to List subscription page

  • 7 July 2021
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Is it possible to add SMS consent to a List Subscription page?

I'm asking because the functionality to add SMS consent to the phone number field does not exist in Klaviyo's builder.

The goal is to send an email within the First Purchase Welcome Series to new customer's who have yet to consent to SMS, and link them to a Lander with SMS consent.

I suppose we could pop a consent form similar to what we're currently using but I'd rather use a dedicated Lander if possible.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


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3 replies

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Hi @Andrew.Walters,

Thanks for posting your question here!

I’m afraid we’re not able to collect SMS consent from a List Subscribe page at this time. Therefore, your best bet is to collect SMS consent through a Klaviyo form at this time. You’ll find more details on this in our article on Using Klaviyo Signup Forms to Collect Consent.

There are other methods to collect SMS consent as well, those are also included in the overview portion of the doc I hyperlinked above.

Thanks for being a member of our Community.


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Is there a feature request section where Klaviyo users can vote to help Klaviyo integrate highly desired features? Update an account with SMS consent on a subscribe / preferences page seems like a no-brainer. I’m very surprised this is not possible.

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Hey there @Nandez,
Though there are different methods of applying SMS consent to a Profile, unfortunately, a subscription/preference page is not one of those methods by default with Klaviyo, as the page will not properly apply consent in order to send SMS. Additionally, we only allow for a free text-input in Subscription/preference pages, which will result in numbers being collected in a format that we do not support. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes, I am happy to raise a feature request with our Developers to consider making that possible in future for you.
A possible alternative would be to create your own preference pages and custom code those on your site, then you can do that and code them so that an API would trigger with consent every time someone submits the form in your preferences page, as you can use API to send SMS consent through as highlighted here. As this involves custom coding, you would need to be able to do that yourself on your site, or work with a Developer as we do not provide advice on custom coding, but know it is possible.


In regard to your question about feature requests, we do not have a place for voting and what not regarding features. Our product team looks through feature requests submitted through different methods (including when we see posts like this in the Community!) and maps out different plans based on the capabilities for the time frames + the demand for certain features.


Have a good day!