Best Practice for Transactional SMS: Shipment Notifications

  • 13 January 2023
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Hi Community,


I’m looking for advice on how to deploy a transactional sms message for shipping notifications without signing folks up for marketing SMS.


  1. Does it make sense to separate transactional SMS and marketing sms recipients?
  2. Does it make more sense to ask for marketing SMS consent? “Sign up for shipment tracking notification via SMS and other messages”. Therefore collecting typical consent?


I have a custom site and Klaviyo integration.


I assume I’ll have Events/Metrics posting to Klaviyo profiles with shipment tracking updates are available… with a parameter that tells me which kind of message it is. “It’s shipped” “Arriving Tomorrow” “Out for delivery” “Delivered!”.


Looking forward to learning your approach.


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SMS compliance is a bit trickier than email. Even for transaction SMS messages a user must explicitly opt-in to receive them. It’s not like email where there is implied consent when someone makes a purchase from you. 

Klaviyo has a great article that breaks this all down.


Hope that helps!