Confusion around SMS opt-in consent

  • 30 November 2022
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I’m a little confused about where the line is drawn for SMS opt-in, regardless of the country.


Klaviyo training and experience have repeatedly shown me “Text YES to opt-in” when platforms have my number, but this is still an SMS message which I did not give consent to receive (unless it says somewhere in T&Cs that I consent to receive an opt in message).


Even if I ignore or say no, what’s stopping an organisation from sending me daily messages offering me desperately to opt in (although I’d just mark as spam).

1 reply

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Hey @Owens_CW 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community and congrats on your first post! Happy to help with SMS consent. 

Most countries require you to get explicit consent from subscribers even for transactional messages. This means that:

  • You must make it clear that providing a phone number means agreeing to receive SMS marketing messages
  • Other forms of consent (like opting into email) do not count as consent for SMS

In Klaviyo, someone must be opted in to receive a text message from your brand. If there’s no SMS consent on the customer profile, the phone number will be skipped automatically. If you try to send to customers who have not given consent, Klaviyo can and will disable your account from our Deliverability and Compliance team. 

Hope this helps clarify!