How can I get consent from leads in UK?

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Hi all, 

Most of my leads are in UK. They already consented to receive email and sms in my FB ads. Is there a way to import that? 



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Hey @tyler0032,

Adding onto @retention’s point, when collecting or importing SMS consent for UK or AUS numbers, keep in mind you’ll want to enable and activate your alphanumeric sending number. Without taking this step, SMS consent would not be collected.


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Hi @tyler0032, welcome to the community!

If you have already acquired consent (email and sms), you can import them into a List in Klaviyo.  Klaviyo has good step-by-step documentation here:

If you collecting these contacts via Facebook Lead Ads, you may also want to consider integration Klaviyo with Facebook Ads.  That way, lead ads can be automatically subscribed to a List as they opt in so you don’t have to manually import them.  Here’s more information on that:

Hope this helps!