How do I send my first SMS flow?

  • 28 August 2021
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I have set up my first SMS flow> I did this in the FLOW using the Trigger > SMS #1 > Wait 1 day > SMS #2. How do I send this as a test to my phone to see if it is working?




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Hi @Stefunny,

Thanks for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community! 

Assuming that the trigger of this SMS flow is a user being added to a mailing list after collecting clear consent to SMS, there are a few ways you can test this.

  1. Send a test SMS to yourself to see what the message will look like after it sends.
  2. Use Klaviyo’s Previewing Tab to see the 10 most recent qualified profiles. You can also search for someone using this feature. 
  3. To go through the whole experience as your customers would (including time delays) you could subscribe to SMS the same way that your customers would so that you are put through the same journey that they would see. 

I hope this helps!


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Thank you. I have set up the Sign Up Form for SMS sign ups. Once the person puts in their number, they get a thank you text… but how do I set up for them to receive the code automatically after?

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Hello @Stefunny,

Adding to @julie.accardo’s great points, I would further suggest taking a look at both the Creating an Email Welcome Series and How Contacts Move Through a Flow Help Center articles. The experience you are talking about automatically sending customers a SMS after subscribing to a signup form is also known as a List Triggered flow, or more commonly known as a Welcome Series flow. 

This sort of flow functions in response to a customer being added to a list or providing SMS consent. When a contact signups to your form to provide SMS consent, these contacts would typically be provided with a double opt-in text requesting they confirm their subscription. Once confirming their subscription by replying to the SMS, the subscriber would then be consented to SMS and be added to the list associated with the form. In turn, this action of being added to the list would trigger the flow you have set up and send the corresponding SMS to your subscriber. Another article that may prove helpful to further understand and create a SMS welcome series flow would be the Creating an SMS Welcome Series article. 

I hope this helps!