How to collect names and email addresses from SMS-only profiles?

  • 9 July 2022
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We have many SMS-only profiles on our SMS list. We would like for them to have names and emails so we can reach out to them if they win one of our contests. 


I first thought of doing this with a text-response survey that fills in these profile fields one at a time. But it looks like there’s no way to use an event variable as a profile property. Also, the sequencing would be difficult, as the “sent text” event trigger does not seem to be able to filter based on what text they replied to. 


Then I thought of sending them a manage preferences link, where they can type in their name and email in some form fields. But the {% manage_preferences_link %} does not work in SMS. 


So how can this be done?


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I would recommend creating a dedicated landing page on your website with a Klaviyo form embedded on it to collect that information.

Then sending an SMS message with an invite to fill out the form and a link to that landing page. Klaviyo does have the ability to cookie track your contact’s profiles to link them together but as a fail-safe, I’d include the phone field as well on the landing page form to keep it super clean in collecting their info.