How to use SMS to remove from list?

  • 28 February 2022
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It’s simple to add someone to a list in SMS via the keyword, but how do I allow remove from list via SMS? 

I want in-stock notifications only to go to certain lists, and I want people to be able to OPT OUT of a list versus OPT OUT of SMS entirely!


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Hi @JelliBakes


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


This is a great call out! Ultimately, no this is not a feature that we have, nor is it something we could request/create as a feature in the future. This is because of the functionality of SMS consent, where if someone unsubscribes, they unsubscribe all together from all SMS. Unfortunately, it’s not like email where users can unsubscribe for certain lists. 


However, you could  attach a property in a SMS Welcome flow or create custom keywords for users to text that would let you know how/what they want to receive via SMS. For instance, if you send users down a SMS Welcome Flow you could as users to choose if they want to receive brand updates, discounts, sales info from you or only ‘important’ messages like from their personal order/shipping updates etc. This was you could create a segment of users who have this attached profile property of ‘important’ and know to exclude this segment from any SMS campaigns you send. 


Hope this helps!