Is there a way to automate an SMS reply to leads that I receive via email?

  • 21 September 2022
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I'm trying to see if Klaviyo will work with a lead referral program that I am signed up with. When a lead comes in, I’m sent an email with the prospect’s name, email, and phone number. I want to be able to automatically send an Introductory SMS in response to these lead-generated emails.

Any help is very much appreciated!


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2 replies

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Hi @Good2Know,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

Your lead referral program will have to “speak” to Klaviyo in some manner (whether that’s through a list-add or a unique event that’s sent to Klaviyo when a lead comes through). You can see if your lead referral program is already one of our existing integrations (in which case you can simply “plug and play”) or, if not, you can look to a 3rd party platform to connect it with Klaviyo (using a tool like Zapier). Another solution is to use our Track API to send a custom event to Klaviyo when a lead is referred.

Once you have these referred users being added to a list or entering Klaviyo via a custom event - you’ll use a Klaviyo flow to automatically send your SMS. You’ll find our guide on adding SMS messages to a flow here (and you’ll find our general SMS getting started guide here). I also recommend exploring the community and our help center for more SMS content (we have a lot!). 

If the lead referral program is adding users to a list, you’ll want to use a list-triggered flow to send your SMS correspondence, if it’s adding users through an event, you’ll want to use a metric-triggered flow to send your SMS correspondence. 

I hope that’s helpful.

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If it has a klaviyo integration option that would be the way to go.

If not check if you either can use Zapier or build a custom API integration. A lot is possible!


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