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  • 19 August 2022
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Hello, can a subscriber have more than one profile property? Here’s where I’m having a glitch, it might be an error in my set up?

Day 1: A user signs up for emails: enters an email welcome flow that runs over 7 days. At the start of the flow, a new profile property is added (‘In Flow’ - Welcome (email)). This allows me to create a segment of anyone who is on that flow so I can exclude them from other email campaigns for now. The profile property is removed as they exit the flow. (Profile property ‘In flow’ is removed).

Day 2: Same user signs up to SMS, enters an SMS welcome flow that runs over 3 days. Again, at the start of the flow, a new profile property is added which says that they are ‘In Flow’ - Welcome (SMS). The profile property ‘In flow’ is removed as they exit the flow.


What I’ve noticed is that when they go into the SMS welcome flow, they are being removed from the email welcome flow and I’m not sure why. I tested it out with my own email address yesterday and stopped receive the emails in the email welcome flow. I am also not in a segment I crated of anyone who should be in the email welcome flow. My custom properties also show only the SMS flow property and not the email one: 

Can you only have one property at a time? Has anyone else experienced this or might now a fix?




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Hi @meetapapersandgems


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Yo can have multiple custom properties attached to your profile at once, however I would investigate the data type of your property as there are various kinds. The $source property will be overwritten every time you fill out a different form. I would investigate whether you have flow filters or conditional splits that could be spitting you out of the Email welcome once you have signed up for SMS and are queued for this flow. These two features are usually the reason for an early exit in flows.


If there aren’t any obvious filters or splits kicking you out of the flow prematurely, I’d get contact support to investigate this further for you!


Thanks for participating in the Community!