Seperate Welcome Flows for Mobile SMS Consent

  • 9 August 2021
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From what I can tell you can’t really separate Welcome Flows for SMS signups that come from a mobile form (the one where you just click and it pulls up your messages with a text to join). We have that form as a second step on our welcome popup but we’re also using another version embedded for periodic AMA with our brand ambassador. 


When we do the AMA’s it would be great to trigger a different flow than here’s your 15% off coupon, and more like “Hey, here for an hour or so AMA”. While the welcome popup should always just be doing it’s thing and triggering the welcome flow that sends out the first time purchase coupon. The reason I can’t figure out how to do this is because it appears the mobile SMS signup doesn’t send a $source attribute with it. Is there another way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?


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Hello @steez_brand,

Thanks for sharing this information with the Klaviyo Community.

You may want to consider adding a required additional field to the AMA form and use that field as a flow filter in a separate flow triggered off of “subscribed to SMS”. That way, only folks who sign-up for AMA sessions would receive this flow and it’s emails. For an example, you may want to check out out help center article on using custom properties to sort folks in an SMS-based flow. In effect, that custom property you log through a required field on the form would take the place of the $source value.

I hope that is helpful!