Are contacts add to Klaviyo if they don't mark the accept marketing opt-in at checkout?

  • 1 February 2023
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We think our contact list isn’t growing fast enough due to the accept marketing opt-in at checkout not automatically selected - we have just updated this. 

We want to know if the customers that have shopped previously but not selected accept marketing were still added? 


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Yes, people who shop on your website without clicking the accept marketing box are still added to your Klaviyo account, but they are not added to a list.

So if you create a segment with just one definition If someone is not suppressed for Email, in this segment you will have all the people who are in your Klaviyo account.

Btw about list growth please check in list settings if you have double opt in option turned on. With this option its much harder to gain list subscribers because people every time they subscribe will also have to go to their email and click on confirmation link before they enter a list. If you turn this to single opt in it would be easier for you to gain list subscribers but there may be small potential of some spam emails subscribing to your list. In my opinion Single Opt in is better because at least you are not loosing big part of people who want to subscribe but forget to confirm their email.