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  • 27 October 2021
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We have loved our switch to Klaviyo for many reasons, but there are a few things I’ve noticed that I think could be better for the user. Starting a conversation about it seemed like the best way to go about it in case there’s already a solve for it, or hopefully brings some attention to fix them!

  1. Views / organization for Lists & Segments 
    It would be helpful to have more options for sorting and organizing lists and segments, especially when the segments get complex and specific for different audiences across different channels. Being able to view more lists at once in a big scrolling list would be better than having to click into different pages each time. Also, the search function almost never works for me, which makes me spend a lot more time going through pages looking for what I need. 
  2. Media organizing and views 
    A similar question arises here, it would be great to choose a different view, (icons, scrolling list, choice to view more at once) 
  3. Email Builder
    There have been several times where I’ve created an email and not realized that the CTA button does not duplicate or edit in the mobile view, and vice versa, even though everything else that is created in one view translates over to the other view. This is especially apparent when using a pre-created template. 
  4. SMS builder
    The preview screen does not work at all for me anymore, even though it used to. I have to send myself a preview to see what the SMS message is looking like. 

    I’m hoping that there are already workaround to some of these things, and if not I hope this is an opportunity for the Klaviyo team to consider some fixes. 




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Hi there @melissaK ,

Thanks for posting to the Community with such a great conversation starter! You’ve provided good insight into our platform and I hope others can chime in with their thoughts on this as well.

  1. We have a similar method of achieving this within Klaviyo already using the tags function! You could set up your lists and segments with tags so that you can scroll through a bunch with similar topics or uses in a more clean list view. Tags can be shared across items, meaning a flow, campaign, and segment could all have the same tag. Additionally, items can have multiple tags. Additional resources can be seen on:How to Add a Tag to a List or Segment and How to Add a Tag to a Campaign or Flow.
  2. As for a different view, I agree with this idea as someone who is too accustomed to the Mac OS. I like having the option to switch between views and it helps with my workflow on the side when I work on other projects and helps with visually organizing/navigating. I can definitely submit this as a product request so our team can get some eyes on this as a feature to add onto the roadmap.
  3. Unfortunately, this will be something that relies more on your end to review and test. Every inbox provider, device, etc will all render emails differently. However, as long as you are using settings set to both Desktop and Mobile the settings/setup should translate to both for your CTA. 
  4. Could you explain more by what doesn’t work exactly for the preview screen? Our documentation regarding the Previewing Tab goes over how SMS can be previewed on the site.

Have a good day!





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Hi Alex, 

Thanks for the response! I appreciate the help. I’ll respond in the same way! 
    1.  I am aware of the tags function, and it has been helpful in some cases, but sometimes I just want to see the whole list at once in an effort to clean it up, and the tags don’t necessarily work for this function. Also, as I mentioned the search function doesn't work for some reason, which makes things more difficult. 

  2. Thanks for submitting that request! Different viewing icon options as well as additional options for number of items viewed on a page would be great! 

  3. I totally understand that relies mostly on my testing, and I do test them all before sending, but it’s frustrating when I am editing the colors and fonts of the CTA, what I do on desktop view does not apply on mobile view, so I have to recreate the button all over again when I check mobile view. I’ve checked my style settings and they are set to “Desktop & Mobile.” 

  4. This is what my preview screen looks like no matter when I’m making an SMS message. 
The text does no pre-populate into the phone screen at all. 

Thanks for your help! 

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Hey there @melissaK,

Writing back to address some points you made and to clear up some confusion.

  1. I think you are confusing the difference between the general search function at the top of the UI versus the search function within each of the tabs (campaign, flows, lists, segments). All of Klaviyo's searches are EXACT match phrasing. For this reason, I would also suggest using a specific naming convention you are alright with as well to better organize and search for their lists. Additionally, if you wanted to see a whole list of customers in a scrolling manner, you could also export the list to a .CSV and then its more accessible that way

For your point in 3, please keep in mind that emails are always going to render differently between desktop and mobile based on the device and inbox provider you are using. Colors and fonts should not be changing between your template designs. Also as a side note, there is not option to edit the fonts of the button so I am not entirely sure which button you are referencing to. If you have an element set to both desktop and mobile, it should appear and render on both. I'm wondering if there may be confusion on how the email is built versus how the email renders on both devices. Depending on the device and inbox provider, rendering is going to appear different. For this I would recommend using Litmus or Email on Acid for further testing.

I think that points 3 and 4 might be related for the cause. We can test this by having you go through a checklist of actions. Are you running some sort of ad blocker or something related? This could be preventing Klaviyo to function at 100%. I suggest the generic process of clearing cookies and cache, updating your computer, fully closing out of the browser, testing in incognito mode and seeing if that helps. The editor UI also doesn't appear correct/make sense at all and it may be due in part to some additional software stripping or removing some necessary codes on the site for Klaviyo to function accurately.

If those steps did not help, I would say it is a bug. 


Let us know about any updates!