Feature Request: Image Folders to Organize Digital Assets in Klaviyo

  • 27 April 2024
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Hello Klaviyo Community,

I’m a very new Klaviyo user, coming over from Wix email marketing. I’m just getting set up now, and would like to use best practices right from the start. However, I’m getting hung up on this, since I can’t for the life of me figure out how to group my images into folders.

I believe grouping images into folders might not be possible in Klaviyo. If that’s true, I would love to submit this as a feature request. If it’s not true, could someone help me out?

If we want to get really advanced, I’d love to see a Klaviyo/Canva integration for importing images, so I could send images directly over to Klaviyo from Canva (so instead of downloading to my desktop and upload to Klaviyo, I could “download” from Canva to Klaviyo.)

Thanks for reading!


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4 replies

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Welcome to the community 

I +1 your feature request for folders for images (not currently possible). I’d also like to see a folder structure for campaigns, flows, Universal Content (UC), and templates too.

Klaviyo tags do offer the ability to filter campaigns and flows (not images/templates/UC, for some reason). However, it’s not as intuitive as a folder structure and doesn’t mirror my workflow on a PC, where I have campaign/flow assets structured in folders.

I don’t use Canva much, but I noticed that they have connections to Mailchimp and MailerLite, so hopefully, Klaviyo will take note of that and progress with Canva.  

All the best on your Klavio journey - despite the above, it’s a fantastic platform!



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Thank you for your reply @bluesnapper - I agree! I like it much better than Wix and Mailchimp so far. Still, every platform has its own quirks and limitations.

Klaviyo devs, I would LOVE to see more functionality for managing assets. As you can imagine, we have some assets that are more “one time use” types of assets, while others are “reusable.” And, we have multiple contractors collaborating on Klaviyo.

So, I would love to see some way to organize assets, so that we can make the process more intuitive for new hires to jump into Klaviyo… thanks!

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Hi all! 


I have logged all of your feature requests for this with our product team! Thanks for sharing your voice with us! 



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Thanks Taylor!!