How do I see my average open rate for people in a certain City or State?

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Hey! So I created this report to try and see my average open rate in Toronto...and I don’t think it worked? The answers are like: 1 or 1.23 and I am just confused as to what this means. Hope someone can help me!



Best answer by Manny Singh 28 June 2022, 05:53

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Hey Veronica, so it looks like that report is showing the average opens and not the average RATE of opens.  I couldn’t find a way to do it quickly by City.  But a longer workaround is to create 2 reports like this for the SUM:

  1. Report of Received emails
  2. Report of Opened emails

Then you can divide the numbers to get the open rate. 

Not sure if someone else can help, I’m sure there must be an easier way.

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Thanks @Mailbox Manny I did this and it worked! Appreciate it!