How to switch between multi account

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Hi there,

I have multiple account, but I lost possibility to switch between them.

I was following this post: but i can’t see account dropdown.

I cant find anywhere account switcher, could you help?


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 1 June 2023, 17:04

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Hi there @medeocare


Great job investigating so far as this is a great article for troubleshooting the situation! 


The dropdown options is found here in your dashboard. When you click on your account name, the rest should pop up that you have access for. 


As mentioned in the article, this feature is available when using the same email and password for each account. Is it possible that you the owner or admin removed your access or you don’t have the same email and password for both accounts? I would test this by logging in to the separate accounts via incognito mode.


Finally, these Community threads might be helpful to gain more insight.


Thanks for participating in the community!


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Hi Taylor,

thanks for getting back to me. I am the owner so there is no change to remove access. I could switch accounts there 2weeks ago but now this option disappear.

The same in incognito mode.

Do you know where I can create a ticket for this?

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Hi @medeocare


You can submit a support request under the drop down option  > account access.