Klaviyo Partners registration error

  • 3 April 2023
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Hello, I'm having trouble creating an account with Klaviyo Partners. But when I use my Gmail account, it works.

I need to use my email with custom domain since that is the one I use with my clients.

Also, I emailed partner-portal but didn't hear back





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Hey @s0lid,

Welcome to the community and bummer you're experiencing an issue. Did you get registered correctly with the right domain? 

In such cases it's best to reach out to partner support: or to that email address that's mentioned 

@Taylor Tarpley can you help @s0lid 


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Hey @Omar,


thanks for the reply. I already sent months ago but they never respond back on both emails.

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Hey @Taylor Tarpley  bumping this up. Is there anything i should do to resolve my issue?



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Hi @s0lid


Happy to help! 


To confirm, you also emailed this specific handle recently: and haven’t heard back? 



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Hey @Taylor Tarpley i sent the email to I’ll send an email to


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Bumping this up. Haven’t got any reply from, I checked the email it hasn’t even opened.


Hope anyone can help. Thanks!