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  • 22 September 2022
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I'm wondering if there is an option where I can just have someone set everything up for me. I'm trying to add my email campaigns but I see I have to break apart and individually upload each text/image etc from my Canva templates instead of just drag and drop. It's going to take me hours where it might take someone knowledgable minutes. Is there a feature that I can have everything done for me? Obviously it would be an upgrade or pay feature but does it exist? Please help! I'm an old lady with minimal tech knowledge! Help! 


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Hi there @KristyLE ,

Welcome to the Community!

I would recommend checking out our partner portal to see if you can find someone to work with there!


Hahaha I’m newbie too! everyone have a great day!


Did you ever get an answer? I’m trying to insert a table for a sale, and I’m looking at copying and pasting 150 separate cells. I’ve searched ten different ways about dragging and dropping a spreadsheet, but I’m getting nothing. Klaviyo isn’t big on helping with basics.

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Hey @JMP111,

If you need hands-on assistance, I would suggest reaching out to our vast network of Klaviyo Partners through our Klaviyo Partner Directory. These partners are accredited as highly knowledgeable about Klaviyo. Some have even proven then mettle through our Community as Champions!



So you want me to pay someone to answer the most basic of questions? No thanks. We pay Klaviyo enough.