Suspension with no reason

  • 6 April 2022
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It was rather surprising, no prior notices requests and even email that says that your account is suspended (checked the spam folder as well). 


We’ve had our account managed by professional email marketing team with more than 20 clients. No issues with emails, no high spam rate or something like that and the main thing - no warnings. Just a ban on our account as well as our email management team’s.

That’s as customer unfriendly as it can possibly get. 


Klavyio customer support has been contacted. 


No idea what action to take now as there is no reply from their CS yet. 


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7 replies

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Hi @Brandyourname

Thank you for joining our Community and reaching out. I have shared your feedback with our approval team and have also let them know that you have followed up here and in a Support ticket. Someone from their team will be in touch with you soon to resolve. I apologize for the inconvenience and the disruption this may have caused. 


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Thank you. 


This case is getting ridiculous. So, I live in the UK and my account gets banned just because of what?


I got this reply:
Hey Urii,
I understand that this would be a frustrating experience for you.
We had reached out to all account owners on March 21, 2022 requesting that they  migrate any data and content away from the Klaviyo platform prior to March 31, 2022.
This termination is unfortunately final for the time being.


This guy has not read my message. I have fully explained the case. Also since my account is not Russian, I did not get any messages on the 21st of March. 

I have clearly explained that my account is NOT Russian. I do not live in Russia and that I live in the UK. I have fully explained the case: 

I have members of staff all over the world: Albania, Indonesia, Philippines, US, UK and one member of staff from Russia (who is going to be relocated to Georgia or Armenia within the next week).

Why do you have people who don’t even bother to read messages they are sent? 


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Hi @Brandyourname

I understand the frustration with this situation, it is truly unfortunate. I was able to confirm that the approval team was able to resolve this with you. With that said, it was something you should not have had to go through and I apologize for that. If there are any questions that you would like to discuss in our community, we are here to collaborate. Take care.


I would really get in touch with your compliance team because this is 100% getting out of hands. I know of at least other TWO accounts that had the same issue: users completely logged out from their account and banner from using it without ANY notification from Klaviyo until they found out themselves: lots of revenues lost - who will be responsible for it?

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Hi @Michele_C

I have shared your feedback and concern with that team to improve the process. I did want to mention in order to expedite the process, account-specific issues like these are best addressed within the ticket. With that said, I have relayed the feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve our processes. Thank you again.



The least the CS can do is to let me know the reason for disabling my account,not leaving me confused and frustrated after I tried sending out an email from my new Klaviyo account.What could be the cause? So I can be more careful...

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Hi there @Suzy


I am so sorry that you experienced this unfortunate situation! 


It does appears that your account is still active. Do you mind sharing what you tried to do and what message you received? A screenshot would help better understand this issue so we can resolve this for you.


However, if you are now not able to get into your account at all, I would reach out to our Support team to best resolve this issue and learn more.


Hope this helps!