Thinking about upgrading to a paid account, how are the number of customers and price calculated?

  • 20 October 2021
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Hi,I'm Mike Brother from TXG Corp. I tried using the free version of Klaviyo to research the features that Klaviyo offers. I love it and want to upgrade to the paid version. However, I have a few questions, hope you can help.1. How does Klaviyo calculate the number of contacts? And how does Klaviyo charge for that amount? For example: I want to send a Father Day marketing email campaign to 4000 customers (I already have their information from my old website), how do I manually add those 4000 contacts? How will the cost be calculated?2. And if after the Father Day campaign, I want to delete 2000 customers who do not have an action to open the email (or label that email as spam) and add another 2000 new contacts, the amount that I have to spend will change. change or not?3. If in the first month I add 10,000 new contacts, in the second month I delete 5000 contacts, I will have to pay the corresponding amount.Thank you very much !!!

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Hi @mikebrother95.txg


Welcome to the Community! So happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed using Klaviyo so much that you want to upgrade! I would love to answer these questions for you. 


First, I would recommend checking out  How Free and Paid Accounts Differ in Klaviyo, as this documentation will answer a lot of your questions and make you aware of all that you will now have access to once you upgrade your account such as :


As outlined in the documentation above, Klaviyo's email billing structure is based on the total number of active contacts in your account and the number of emails you send each month. The ‘contacts’ we calculate is the number of active, emailable ‘profiles’ or contacts in your account that you send emails to, meaning these profiles have subscribed to your branding and want to hear from you. Subscribers will be added into your account when they opt in to receive marketing from you. If you are bringing these contacts over from an old account that have already subscribed to your business, you can add them to a List by uploading these contacts via CSV file into your account. 


You will need to upgrade to an account that will allow you to send the appropriate amount of emails each month that is right for your business. For example, you will need a billing plan that would allow you to send to to your number of subscribers regularly, if you have send one email campaign to your 4,000 active profiles, that will be 4,000 email sends. You will not be billed if you decrease the number of active profiles on your account, but you will be prohibited from sending and encouraged to upgrade your account to the next billing tier if you max out your number of email sends your account allows. 


Klaviyo bills monthly on the day you upgrade. Additionally, it isn’t considered best practice to delete contacts, but rather suppressing them so their data is still in your account, however you are not being billing for their profile as they are not considered ‘active’ anymore. 


You can upgrade your billing plan at any time by navigating to Email Plans in your account and selecting the new plan of your choice.


Finally, I’d recommend checking out these Community Posts for further insight! 


Thanks for being a part of the Community, glad to have you! 


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Hi @Taylor Tarpley,

I’m clear. Thanks for supporting <3

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Hi @Taylor Tarpley @David To ,

Since plans vary based on the number of active profiles, who have subscribed, and not the number of emails sent (as stated on your pricing page), how do we separate customers who have not subscribed but require emails sent to them such as transactional emails? 


At the moment I have set up my main list as customer who have purchased, not from a sign up/subscribe POV. This will inflate ‘Active Profiles’ in my account, which aren’t really active profiles if they haven’t actually subscribed but only purchased to trigger a transactional email flow. I set it up this way as I wanted to use Klaviyo as a CRM as well, and create a segment list for those who have subscribed to enable me to send them marketing emails. Do you have a solution for this so that I’m not paying for ‘Active Profiles’ that aren’t really active profiles? 


Many thanks! Michael

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Hi @MNgo


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Would love to bring some more insight into this! 


Actually, our billing tiers for email rely on both factors according to our help center documentation:

  1. The number of contacts in your account
  2. The number of emails you send during the month


You can technically have more than the allotted amount of active (meaning non-suppressed) profiles/contacts your tier is allowed to have. However, you cannot send a singular campaign to more than the specific max number of profiles/contacts in your account. It is only if you send more emails than you’re allowed to per billing cycle, that you are prevented from sending further messages and prompted to upgrade. 


Customers who have not subscribed, but still require transactional emails, would still be counted as an active profile and a transactional message still goes toward your monthly total email sends. These ‘customers, but not subscribers’ still count towards your number of active profiles in your account because an ‘active profile’ can be one of two things either 1) a users who is subscribed or 2) A Profile added by general engagement ( such as has placed an order, yet not opted-in to your brand’s marketing) this is further explained in our Guide to Active Email Profiles documentation. A profile is only not an active profile only if they are a Suppressed Profile in Your Account


In order to keep the number of Active Profiles down in your account, we recommend Performing Regular List Cleaning and Suppressing Profiles So to Decrease the Number of Active Profiles in your Account. I’d also suggest taking a look at how Klaviyo reccomends How You Should Keep One Single Main Lists and the Benefits.


I would recommend checking out these similar community topics to gain more insight into this! 


Thanks for participating in the Community! 


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Hi @Taylor Tarpley Thanks for your response. That’s quite disappointing as I have chosen Klaviyo based on the website claiming ‘unlimited email sends’. This is false advertising and should be changed to be more transparent as nobody is going to check help docs before signing up. So what/how does Klaviyo offer ‘unlimited email sends’? 

Also can you provide the tiers/costs for the amount of email sends per ‘monthly usage’ as I can’t find this information? This would be very helpful so that I can make a decision to stick with Klaviyo or find another platform that actually offers unlimited sends.

Thanks in advance! Michael

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Hi @MNgo


Apologies for the mistake, I am actually incorrect here, please allow me to clarify! Klaviyo offers unlimited email sends for anyone up to the $700 monthly billing tier, or 45,001 - 50,000  people. So if you are under that amount then you do qualify for unlimited emails sends. However, what I previously mentioned still is true: You can technically have more than the allotted amount of active (meaning non-suppressed) profiles/contacts your tier is allowed to have. However, you cannot send a singular campaign to more than the specific max number of profiles/contacts in your account. 


Our Pricing Page does accurately show how many email sends each billing tier is alloted! However, you can also see this if you are in your Klaviyo account and navigate to Account > Billing > Email Plans. 


Again, very sorry for the confusion, but thank you for pointing out what needed to be corrected!