Why can't I see anything on my Klaviyo account

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I am experiencing this issue since a couple minutes now. I can’t see anything except profiles and some data from settings.
Any of you have experienced this in the past?
Thank you!


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I am experiencing the same problem at the moment. Nothing is showing and it seems to be crashing everytime I try opening a page or viewing an image!



We have the same problem. No dashboard, campaigns, flows etc. Just a white screen. Something to do with outage at Fastly?



And we are back! Thank goodness! 

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Hello @Thomas P, @SOPH, and @JanieMac,

Thanks for being members of the Klaviyo Community and sharing your experience!

Just wanted to follow up on this behavior you’ve all experienced.

Earlier this morning, Klaviyo has observed continued page load issues across the app due to a Fastly CDN outage which has since been resolved. 

The underlying CDN issue has been resolved and the Klaviyo app is now loading and responding normally without any issues. However, we will continue to monitor the situation and update our public status page. You can also subscribe to this public status page for future updates surrounding Klaviyo’s performance.

Thank you all for being patient and for sharing your observations with the Community!

Have a great day!



I’m experiencing the same thing with my Klaviyo, and this has been happening for over 2 weeks now.

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Hello @GrayJess,

Can you try clearing your cookies, cache and refreshing your browser? If you are still experiencing problems, I recommend using a separate browser to log-in. At times, browser-specific plug-ins can impact the ability for Klaviyo to load.

If this does not resolve the issue, can you specify which pages you are unable to view? Lastly, I would verify if any permissions changes occurred in the account as this can also impact the ability to view certain pages as outlined here.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.


Hi @dov.derin 

Thanks for getting back to me, will try all that and see. The pages I can’t view are all the pages: Dashboard, campiagns, lists/segments, the whole thing.

The only page I can view is Contact Information


This just happened to our account. Did anyone do anything different to bring it back?

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Hello @Pierre,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Community! 

At this time there doesn’t appear to be any reported issue with Klaviyo, unlike with what users were previously experiencing in this thread. 

However, user reporting being greeted by a blank screen when logging into Klaviyo is often times caused by either a caching/cookieing issue, an outdated browser, or due to some ad blockers, antivirus software, or network filters preventing the page to fully load.

I would recommend following some of the troubleshooting options I outlined the following Community post below that may help:

Have a great day!





I’m having this problem

I did everything you recommend but nothing has changed. 


I’ve tried on Safari and Chrome 


Can you help me please ? 

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Hi @Alicia


Thank you for sharing your question with us! 


These issues can occur for various reasons. I’m glad to hear tried logging in via another browser as this is one of the recommend paths to fixing this problem. Additionally, can you confirm that you have walked through all these steps as well as checking out the Community Post that David linked? 


  • Cleared your cache and cookies
  • Logged out and back into your Klaviyo account
  • Double checking that your ad blockers, anti-viral softwares, or network filters/firewalls aren’t preventing these pages to load
  • Ensuring that the browser you are using is up to date
  • Try logging in via an Incognito Window 


Thank you for sharing your question with the Community! 





I’m having this same issue, and have tried every single step mentioned here with no luck. Are you able to see what’s wrong with my account or do you have a phone line to deal with this? 

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Hey @ccteam 

Thank you for reaching out for help with your account. The Klaviyo Community does not have access to look directly at your account, however you can open a ticket by contacting Klaviyo Support and they can help you troubleshoot the specific reason why you aren’t seeing various pages on your dashboard. 

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I have tried ALL the steps outlined in this and the other related threads. My observation is that since I’ve updated Chrome I cannot see anything anymore. I see blank pages, even though I’m logged in as the main account user. I’ve also contacted support via chat twice, waited about an hour each time. When I try using Firefox I can log in and see everything. I don’t know, but somethings amiss here. I even disconnected Chrome extensions, restarted computer, etc etc. If anyone could help that’d be great, In the meantime I’m sticking w FIrefox. 

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I have been having the same issue since October 1st. I cannot see any data & support was not able to help me. 

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Hi @MsElevated,

I left an additional note for you (and anyone else following is welcome to take a look) in the thread below. I hope that is helpful.


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Hello Klaviyo Fam,

I’ve tried all mentioned above, but still not showing the page after I login. What is the support email I can reachout? 

Chrome Browser
Incognito Brower







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Installed Firefox, same result.