Analyzing Klaviyo data externally

  • 22 January 2021
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Hey everyone,


I’m trying to use Klaviyo for reporting and analytics with a client I work with, but I keep running into issues with not being able to report on/filter/analyze the database exactly as we would like to.


As a basic example, custom metric reports only have one group/filter, and the only option for filtering is “equals”. There are many more features like that that are in the segment builder, but not reports.


Does anyone use an external app to access Klaviyo’s data and put together segments/reports/visualizations that Klaviyo can’t?

6 replies

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Hey @JacobM  thanks for the feedback on our custom analytics feature! It’s still in the early stages so all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Speaking from personal experience when I was a Klaviyo customer myself, and before the Custom Reports tool was available, I usually exported the data I was interested in and analyzed it using Google Sheets or Excel. Since the formulas and pivot tables can be really flexible and powerful we found this worked well for us. We were also a smaller company so cost was a factor for us; some robust data warehousing and analysis services can be quite pricey and they weren’t a good fit for us.

For fairly standard campaign or flow message performance reports, I was able to write a script to run the analysis I wanted and update relevant charts since I was doing the same actions monthly. For more complex analysis I was fortunate enough to have a brilliant teammate who helped build our internal business intelligence tools and she could run analyses on the fly that were more complex and beyond my own skills. 

From a product perspective, I’d love to know what kind of analysis you’re trying to do so we can take that into consideration as we work to improve our analytics tools!

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Hey @Julia.LiMarzi thank you for your perspective.

I’d love to analyze the data in Google Sheets but I even find exporting all of the data to be tough.

For example, I’d really like to analyze metric data in more detail, but I can’t find a way to export all the data. I can manually add metric data with a csv, but I can’t get it back out again e.g. a csv with email, name, metric timestamp, metric property

Maybe I’m missing something?

If I could export out that metric data, then I could combine/merge/analyze all kinds of things just with Google Sheets.

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Hey @JacobM I’ve done some digging, but at this time I don’t think there is an export like that available. However, it’s really great to know that this is something you are interested in and you’re probably not the only one so I’ve shared your feedback with our team.


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FWIW, we asked about this with our CSM back in Nov of last year and she was going to put in a request for this with the product team. We have a lot of custom properties in custom metrics we’re passing to Klaviyo. Currently, I’m going into each metric, expanding the records, copying the properties and values to a spreadsheet, where I then analyze the data to understand what messages are driving which results. It’s very tedious so consider me a +1 for this type of feature in Klaviyo! (Thanks for posting about this @JacobM! I was hoping to find a solution but at least you now know you’re not the only one looking for this functionality!)

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@DL_CFF phew that sounds very tedious - have you looked into any other platforms to pull out the data via API? It seems like Parabola or Segmetrics could do this, but then pricing out an additional app becomes an issue.

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@JacobM, yes, it’s incredibly tedious but our volume is on the lower side for now so it’s not insurmountable. I haven’t looked into a third-party platform to pull this data but I am going to speak to our dev team to about using the API to pass data into our back-end systems. (They’re just overloaded with work so getting help with these things get put in the backlog.) Getting another platform to do this can’t be justified as costs are an ongoing issue, as you noted too.

Our CSM actually thought it was possible to export all property values as it looks like an option from the segments menu (shown below), but the end result is basically a row of headers but no data (besides the user’s email address). :(