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  • 11 January 2024
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Hi, i have recently created a subdomain as under my main domain that exists since last year so that I could use it as a branded domain to help with my email devirability. 

All DNS are connected and verified but I get an “unknown error” message when trying to activite.

Has anyone already had this ?


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6 replies

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Hi Charlotte,

Have you tried logging in incognito or clear the cache and tried back? If you still the error, I’d say reach out to support for more help.

Usually, if records are added and verified, then it should get activated.

Can you share the screenshot of the error?




Hi @inboxingmaestro 

Unfortunately that didn’t work…

here is the error showing :


I am using a “” instead of just “” - could it be it ?

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Hi @bmornings 

The branded sending domain (aka SPF/Return Path domain) should be a sub-domain like I don’t think so would work.

Just FYI - this is how your domain structure on Klaviyo should look like in its simplest form:

FROM domain:

Branded sending domain (SPF/Return-Path domain):






Thank you !! This was indeed the issue. It’s now working :) 

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Hi - I am having a similar issue with CNAME records not verifying within Klaviyo when trying to setup a branded sending domain. 

we currently send from

I have followed the Klaviyo instructions to setup a sending domain 

The domain is managed within Shopify (this is where I have added the CNAME and TXT records)  




The Shopify account uses Zoho for mailbox management 

Attached are the screenshots of setup

What am I missing?

Klayiyo is blaming Shopify and Shopify is blaming Klaviyo when I contact each helpdesk….I have been trying to se this up for 3 weeks


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As promised, @TopGate closing the loop here with the solution we figured out in our other thread:


For future readers, the subdomain you choose matters greatly! “mail” is a subdomain already in use by most DNS records for your regular inbox mail. You can’t use this same subdomain for your email marketing, which is why Klaviyo recommends to use “send”.

Hope that helps :)