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  • 27 April 2021
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I am a little bit confused with the term “Fulfilled Order” and “Placed Order”.

In measuring conversion on flows and campaigns, where should I look at? Fulfilled Order or Placed Order?

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Hello @JustJassy,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

Placed Order is the event tracked when a customer completes the checkout process and creates an order in your store. The definition of Fulfilled Order differs slightly between ecommerce integrations, but generally speaking, it’s the event tracked when an order reaches a pre-determined status in the order process. For example, the"Fulfilled" status in Shopify, or the “Completed” status in WooCommerce. We have great information on the particulars for Placed Order and Fulfilled Order statuses for all of our main integrations below:




Magento 1

Magento 2

You may also notice a difference in revenue if you toggle between the Placed Order and Fulfilled Order events as a conversion metric. That's because the email a customer opens or clicks and subsequently places an order for, is not always going to be the same email that the Fulfilled Order event is attributed to. For example, if a profile opens a campaign on a Monday afternoon and then places an order the same night, the Placed Order revenue will be attributed to Monday's campaign. However, let's say it takes two full days after the order has been placed for the order to be fulfilled, if the same user opens a subsequent campaign two days later and then the Fulfilled Order event is processed in Klaviyo on that Wednesday night, the Fulfilled Order revenue will be attributed to the Wednesday campaign, not the Monday campaign the user purchased from. Every event in Klaviyo is attributed to the most recent open/click within the Email Conversion Period you have set here.

For this reason, we recommend as a best practice to use Placed Order as your conversion metric. That is most accurate for revenue attribution because that is when the customer actually places the order. Fulfilled order attribution will vary based on the less predictable fulfillment date. This makes it more likely that the Fulfilled Order amount could be attributed to an email that does not fall within the conversion window.

Thanks and have a great day.