DKIM not passing with branded domain

  • 2 February 2024
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I have my branded domain set up but the DKIM is not passing… How do i fix this?


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 5 February 2024, 23:21

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3 replies

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Hi @Sfreeman!

Are you seeing any error message when you try to pass the DKIM? Also, how long ago do you set up the branded domain? Sometimes there can be a delay depending on which hosting service you’re using.







We are also experiencing this issue. We have set up the branded sending domain about a month ago. When I run a test in MXtoolbox, the DMARC and SPF are correct, but there is no DKIM found.


How do we fix this?

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Hiya, @BrittH! That’s definitely not possible because when you set up your branded sending domain in Klaviyo, we automatically configure your SPF and DKIM records for you. Unfortunately, MXToolbox will always show an issue with DKIM as either broken or missing because the info you send in is encrypted and incomplete. So, it can’t decrypt the data properly and even what it can see is not enough info to verify the data matches.  


Can you send yourself a test email to a Gmail inbox and show me the dropdown information on the header (“From” “sent by”, “signed by”, etc)? I’m looking to confirm you set up your branded sending domain correctly. In which case, your DKIM is fine and functional.