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  • 26 January 2022
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Hello! Looking for help with a campaign email. I have previewed / sent tests to myself (living in the states) and my business partner (living in Canada). All of my links (header, image, and button link) brought me over to the proper linked site. 


When my business partner opened the previews/tests she could only tap through on the header link - the image and button links were broken with no response. 


Wondering if anyone has had this happen to them or if you’d suggest any solution! 


thank you! 


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Hello @The Wilds,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

To clarify, when you say the image and button links were broken, do you mean they were not clickable at all i.e. completely unresponsive when clicked or they were clickable but led to a broken URL?

It sounds like it’s the case of the former, if that is indeed the case, I’d start by double-checking that you and your colleague are a) clicking the exact same button/image/link on the template when you’re testing (since this problem could also arise if you are clicking on different buttons or images altogether, some without links) and b) that you’re testing on the same device type (desktop to desktop or mobile to mobile).

On the second point, consider if you have set up “desktop only” or “mobile only” blocks in your template, the “desktop only” could have the proper link but the “mobile only” does not have a link, for example. These are essentially completely different blocks. You should switch to the mobile view in the template to double-check “mobile only” blocks/links as well and vice versa for “desktop only”. It may be the case that one of you is testing on desktop and the other mobile and one of these is missing the appropriate link.

Also, in addition to the point above, keep in mind that certain blocks require you to insert a URL in multiple places. For example, a table block. I’d pay special attention to table blocks which include an image, that image needs its own discrete URL in addition to the linked text you include in other columns of the block. Here’s an example of what an image in a table block looks like without a link (that would in turn lead to unresponsiveness): 


I hope that helps!