Feature Request: the ability to filter AND group in custom reports

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Hello Klaviyo Community,

I’d like to suggest a feature that would really help people understand the performance of their flows/campaigns across their user population.

When creating a multi-metric report, we’d like the ability to filter by a flow, and then group the statistics by a profile property.

Want to see how your “Welcome” flow performs in different states? This would be the answer. You could select the metrics you’d want to analyze, filter to just the flow you’re interested in, and then group that by a profile property (e.g., a state) to see how your flow performs across all states. 

I feel like this is a fairly basic feature request that would help all of us.

Does this make sense? Would this be helpful?

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@KeviSunshine this is a great point, and I’d second that feature request. I’ve often found the Klaviyo reports to be insufficient for when I’m trying to understand finer details about flow performance like the example you gave. Hopefully they can improve that for us and other users!


~ Gabrielle


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Hello @KeviSunshine and @ebusiness pros,

Thanks for sharing this feedback and use case! I know others have also shared similar feedback to our product team. I’ll include these additional notes to them to further explore. 

I can absolutely see how this product enhancement would be impactful for users analyzing their reports. In fact, I’ve found myself wishing this was a capability as well at times! 

Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts and for being a part of our Klaviyo Community! 

I’ll update this thread when there’s more news I can share on this sort of enhancement, 


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Thanks @David To