I am seeing an elevated number of bounces for the first time after setting up a dedicated sending domain, what happened?

  • 13 May 2021
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When you first set up a dedicated sending domain, the first thing you should do is warm up your new sending domain. Neglecting to do so can result in high bounce rates. Since you are on a new sending domain, inbox providers are keeping a very close eye on the domain to make sure you are a good sender. If you set up a dedicated sending domain and decide to batch and blast (send to your whole list at once), inbox providers will see this as a red flag and bounce the majority of the emails that are being sent to their server. This could also happen even if you sent to an engaged segment with a high recipient count. When you first set up a dedicated sending domain, we would suggest following this guide: Guide to Warming Your Sending Infrastructure to ensure that you properly warm up your new sending domain. 

2 replies

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Thanks @wei.he. I did exactly what you said we shouldn’t do - I send to my (very engaged 50% open rate) list in two segments and they both got terrible single-digit open rate. Now what? Is it irrevocable? Can I start warming the sending infrastructure now? How about moving to a dedicated sending domain? Thanks!

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