Is there a way to know where an email lands (i.e., general inbox, spam/junk, or tabbed inbox) after it's sent?

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When an email is delivered to the recipient, it is up to the inbox provider (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, etc.) to determine where the email is placed. Email service providers, including Klaviyo, do not receive any feedback on where the email was placed. However, reviewing your open rates allows you to get a sense of where your emails landed. If you are seeing low open rates, that indicates that the email was placed in an inbox that has low visibility (e.g., spam/junk). 

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Make 5 Gmail account and  subscribe to your email newsletter

Whenever you send campaigns go check emails in those 5 account

You will know if it's landing in inbox, promotion or spam tab

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@ayyub_here - From what I understand - there are third party commercial tools that claim to do something similar (across a “network” of inboxes).  It’s probably a good place to start to see if you are completely sandboxed by Google. 

However, the Spam filters in Gmail is highly personalized based on so many factors that having 5 inboxes (that you rarely check except for your marketing emails) will be not a good representation of your general audience.  As you may imagine, Google uses an algorithm that mixes in all those different factors to determine if email is in Spam (for each user) just like they do with personalized search and recommendations - that algorithm isn’t public knowledge (to keep it from the real Spammers) and based on their machine learning / AI. In other words, it’s not a good sample size to know deterministically if your emails are getting filtered, but a general good place to start.