Is there a way to view revenue or clicks generated solely by product recommendations sent in a Campaign?

  • 21 April 2022
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I’m looking for a way to determine or view total revenue or clicks generated solely by the product recommendation sections in a particular campaign. 

For example, I want to be able to know how much our recommended products section compared in performance to the general, featured products on a given campaign.

Is this possible?


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Hi there @acluke


Welcome to the Community! What a great idea to figure out what performs better for your brand recommended products vs general, featured products. 


Theres definitely a way to evaluate this in Klaviyo! You can check out who clicked what product link in your recommended product section and how many clicks on each of your products within the recommendation feed by navigating to your specific campaign > Reports > Link and check out the  Link Activity. It should look like the screenshot below, and from there you’ll be able to view the engagement for the URLs with /products!

Additionally, you can navigate toward your Analytics tab and under your Metrics > Ordered Product, you can see exactly what was ordered and for how much revenue is attributed to the email.


Finally, If you are interested in investigating who clicked this email and purchased a product consequently, you can create a Segment with these conditions: 

Thanks for participating in the Community! Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the reply.

I understand that I can view clicks and revenue by link, but when working with several dozens of different SKUs, it would be great to be able to lump sum all of the total revenue generated by a product recommendation section as opposed to manually calculating total revenue by each link or each individual product/SKU.

This would also be beneficial to attribute revenue by the entire product recommendation section due to the fact that there may be a product recommendation that is the same product as a featured product within an email, and being able to differentiate between featured product revenue vs. product recommendation revenue.