My add-to-cart trigger is going to interfere with my abandoned cart flow

  • 23 April 2022
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  1. I recently added the add-to-cart trigger to my klaviyo
  2. I want to create an add-to-cart flow using the same flow as my abandoned cart email flow.
  3. The problem is that a customer could get a double up of emails if they meet the rules of both; a) the abandoned checkout flow and b) add-to-cart flow. 
  4. How can I I merge both flows together, can I create a flow that has two triggers e.g. creating a flow where the trigger is both ‘checkout started’ or ‘add-to’cart’

1 reply

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Hi @Roberto Sciascia,

Thanks for sharing your question with us.

You’ll want to set-up the filters to look like the following for each flow:

Abandoned Cart using the “Checkout Started” Trigger


Abandoned Cart using the “Added to Cart” trigger

If you’re using Shopify, both of these flows can be pulled directly from the Flows Library by searching “Abandoned Cart”.

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