Not all emails are sending instantly

  • 17 August 2023
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I set an email campaign to be sent at a certain time but when I check hours past this time it still says “This campaign is still sending to 1121 queued recipients”. I have set the email to send instantly so I do not understand why this is happening and how to fix this?


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3 replies

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Hi @Albert1 - welcome to the community!


Most likely, if you were sending to a large segment of your list, it took some time for each email to go out to all of the recipients. When you select “send instantly” - that starts the sending process at the time you click that button.


When you check on the campaign now, it should say sending is complete. Do you see that in your reporting now?


If you don’t, then there may be something else happening in your account… but that’s unlikely.





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Another reason why delays might happen is when you select send in recipient timezone. 


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Yeah! Agree with @Omar .. It happened earlier with one of my clients as well.

Also, check the campaign report if it’s showing the full send summary. Even, if this doesn’t work, I’d suggest to reach out to support instantly and they can investigate further.