Setting up a Branded Sending Domain with WIX

  • 13 February 2024
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Hi, I'm trying to set up a branded sending domain and I need to add/update my DNS records.

I purchased my domain through WIX. I've managed to add the TXT and I've added the first NS record to the CNAME records but it's not letting me add more.

Is that the correct place to add these records and do I have to add them all or is one enough??

Thank you so much!!!!




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5 replies

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Hey @Lucie M.! Yes, you need to add all 5 records in your Wix DNS management menu. Since this is on the Wix side, you should consult their documentation for further help but I suspect the solution might be similar to Google Domains. Because the Host is the same (send), rather than create separate records there’s an “Add more to this record” option that allows you to put all 4 Values with the same Host.















If you show me what that Wix menu looks like I can take a peek!

SO I contacted Wix and it says that the NS records cannot be edited. What would you suggest to make sure that we can get this updated?

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Okay @RDO! Not a problem. In this case I suggest switching to the Static routing option and using CNAME records instead. Clear everything you have input and retry with these records (replace with your own domain):












Let me know if that works!


I’m having the same issue with Wix domain.

When trying this solution (static routing), in the TXT record value fields, do I use “public_API_key” or to I enter my own key?


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@talmager Yes, definitely put your own API key that Klaviyo generated for you!