Why does the delivered number goes down within every mail?

  • 23 August 2021
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Why does on my email I have 453 delivered emails and on the second one I just have 231 delivered emails? Why is it not sending to everyone?


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3 replies

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@loureskincare - Do you have any Flow Filters setup at the Trigger? Also, people who have unsubscribed, marked as Spam, or if their email Bounced will obviously not receive subsequent emails. 

One way to troubleshoot and drill into more details is if you select a message, and click on “View All Analytics” in the left sidebar, then click on “Recipient Activity”.  There, you’ll find more details on people who received, skipped, or “other.”

You should see something like this:

Another reason that I commonly find this is because the Flow was being setup at different times, or messages were enabled over a period of time  So if your Flow only had Email #1 for a while, then you added Email #2, then folks who were in the Flow before Email #2 was Live, did not get into Email #2.

Let us know if you need more help!


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For example, the very first email on my flow has been delivered to 505 people, the second one to 454 and the third one to only 231, and the number goes down with every email and the waiting number doesn’t go up to indicate it will be send to the other ones.

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I don’t think that the second reason you mention can be possible, we just back-populated the flow, so everyone should be receiving it on time. I checked the analytics you mentioned on the mail that I have the least delivered number and the “recipients” number is still above the half that has been delivered. Let’s say that I have 232 delivered emails but on the recipient activity I have 492 recipients.