Will adding a dedicated sending domain in Klaviyo impact my ability to use Google Workspace for email addresses at that domain?

  • 26 August 2021
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I’ve created a subdomain just for ecommerce emails, and I want my ecommerce emails to come from the address


If I set up as the dedicated Klaviyo sending domain, will I still be able to send and receive emails from the address using Google Workspace? I have limited experience with DNS so I’m not sure!




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Hi @yourfriendcleo,

Yes so sending domain is something set up separately. “Send” is the most common subdomain for dedicated sending, and one we recommend, because it is typically unused by another service within most DNS's. The steps in our documentation state to, choose any subdomain that is not already in use that best fits your brand.  For example, or are both valid. However, we recommend that you do not use mail as a subdomain as it is typically reserved for an inbox setup and already used in the DNS. For more information, head to How to Choose a Subdomain for Dedicated Sending.


Let me know if you have further questions!


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Got it, I misunderstood this initially!

So as I understand it now, the sending domain is completely separate from the sending address! I should be able to send from, and use as the sending domain?

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Hi @yourfriendcleo ,


Thanks for posting to the Community! Great to hear you’ve started setting up a subdomain for your business! 


Using a different "reply-to" address is independent from your dedicated sending domain. You would want any gsuite MX records to point to your main domain instead of your subdomain, you can then assign TXT records for your gsuite mail server to this record.

When you setup a dedicated sending domain in Klaviyo we automatically apply the MX record for your chosen subdomain onto the dedicated sending domain. Within your DNS you can only point a single MX record to a single subdomain. 

I'd first recommend sending some test emails from an outside email address as if a customer was replying to you. You should see those emails land where you expect them on your end. If you do not, the fix would be to choose a new subdomain within Klaviyo, for example. You can then setup gsuite MX records to point to your mail subdomain. If you do need to adjust your dedicated sending domain in Klaviyo please reach out — We would need to clear your current settings which would allow you to setup a new sending domain. 

I want to pass along two helpful articles that explain this is more detail: 

In addition, here are some documents going over subdomains and setting up a dedicated sending domain.

Please feel free to reach out with any other questions!

All the best,