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Hi, i'd like to explain a bit about our updated abandoned cart flow

We used to literally have only one stream down the flow of three emails. And it was very simple. HOWEVER, we wanted to separate the abandoned court flow by new and old customers or new buyers and returning buyers

The goal for this flow was to provide the returning buyers with an 8% coupon code throughout the flow. But if they are new, we would give them email two and three with a 10 and 12% discount as seen in the picture. (both new and returning get the first email of 8%)

I would like to know if I have set up the flow correctly.  These are my current questions:

1.  Are my flow filters correct? Or should I add any other flow filters?  I want to capture more people in this flow, just in case we are missing them
2.  Are time Delays, correct?
3.  For my conditional split, I set it as "has placed a zero order over all time"  And in the No split, those are the ones that I'm assuming are going to be my old returning customers or people who have purchased before.  In my yes split it is for people who are new and have never purchased before.
4.   Are the conditional splits between the two emails on either split, correct?

I'd greatly appreciate your help on this. Thank you


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Hi @Grego - the one thing I noticed was the 20min delay in the first email, personally that seems a little quick, but you also know your customers & business best. I typically wait 2 hours or more for my first abandoned cart email to go out. I think mostly because I have left things in my cart, gotten distracted and come back 20+ min later to complete my checkout, 2 hours is a solid “I decided not to purchase right now”


Everything else seems okay!

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if you were to change the timing, what would you set it at?

Also, so i dont need to add any other flow filters?

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Hi @Grego 

I agree with @chelsgrove, also, she did say she normally waits at least 2 hours for the first email.

Here’s my suggestion:

  1. I see you included additional conditional splits “Has Placed Order zero times over all time” in the first time buyer route and “Has Placed Order zero times since starting this flow” on the repeat buyer route. 

This is unnecessary because you already have “Placed Order zero times since starting this flow” as a flow filter for the flow overall. I’ve seen many people do this, but rest assured it’s only needed once at the very top.

  1. This is more subjective, but I’d recommend just sending an Abandoned Checkout reminder with no discount first. This is because you want to filter out prospects and customers who simply forgot to finish their order. 


  1. Make sure the 10% and 12% discounts are timed too like the 8% discount.
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  1. Make sure the 10% and 12% discounts are timed too like the 8% discount.

Do you mean adding a time after the conditional split but before the email with the discount gets sent?

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Here is my updated flow. What do you guys think?

@eCommetry The green arrows represent where I think you mean to add the time delays, and a red arrow represents where I believe there is a time delay between emails. Am I missing something?

Thanks big time!


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@Grego  I didn’t mean a time delay. What I meant was to make the discounts time-sensitive, so subscribers only have a limited amount of time to use them. But it seems like you’re doing this already.
Also, it looks like you’ve removed those conditional split filters, good job 👍🏾.