Abandoned Cart - Exclude cart with a specific product

  • 9 June 2021
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I am trying to do the following:


Flow 1: I have created an abandoned cart flow for a specific product (only people who have this product on their cart will receive the sequence).


Flow 2: Now I want to set up another abandonned cart flow for people who have any other products on their cart (basically if you have the specific product you will get flow 1 and not flow 2)


How can I do that? Thank you for the help


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Hello @hlacosedora,

Great question!

Similar to how you were able to create a product specific flow using trigger filters, I would recommend using the opposite rules within your second flow. Essentially the reverse instructions found in the Creating a Product-Specific Flow article. 

For example, if flow 1 was set to target users who abandoned their cart with Item A, you can create the second flow with the trigger filter rule of “items doesn’t contain Item A” to target users whose cart does not contain Item A. 

Another suggestion would be instead of using two flows, to use one flow and a trigger split. Using a trigger split will achieve the same goal of serving two separate experience to your users; one path for those who’ve abandoned their cart containing a specific product while the second path will be served to those who do not have this targeted product. To do so, you would use the same trigger filters previously used such as “Items contain Item A”. This will cause users who have Item A in their cart to be brought down the YES path while those who do not have item A in their cart to be brought down the NO path. You can learn more about using filters and splits in your flows from the following articles:

Hope this helps! Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Awesome David thanks a lot !!!

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Hi David, quick question here - in your second suggestion you mentioned using trigger split. Does this trigger split apply to the entire cart or just that individual product?

Say I have 3 products A, B, C and I wanna create a trigger for C.

With the trigger split condition defined as ‘item contains C,’ would people go down the yes path if they had items ‘A’ and ‘B’ in their carts too? Or does the condition apply only when someone has ‘C’ in their cart?

Looking forward to your response.



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Hey @ADT,

A trigger split would apply to the entire triggering event. 

Based on your example, since your condition is using a ‘contains’ rule, so long as someone’s event includes item C, they’ll be brought down the YES path.