Abandoned cart flow : Magento 2 checkout reclaim URL send me to 404 error

  • 18 February 2021
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Hi there!

I just created my first flow 2 weeks ago and already get some amazing sales, very happy about them. I made a test to abandoned my checkout to validate some changes that I made in my template and when I clicked on the return to cart button which is related to this URL for my Magento 2 store : {{ organization.url|trim_slash }}/reclaim/checkout/cart?quote_id={{ event.Extra.QuoteID }} 

it leads me to a 404 error message on my website. As I am working my Magento 2 with the multi-store function (CAN/EN, CAN/FR and USA/EN), is that the reason why I get a 404 error? 

Is there any modifcation that I can make to my URL to make it works? 



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5 replies

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 {{ organization.url|trim_slash }}/reclaim/checkout/cart?quote_id={{ event.Extra.QuoteID }} 


Here’s the URL that Klaviyo propose me for the return to cart button in my abandoned checkout flow. As mentionned I work with Magento 2 with multi site.

When I received the email, and I clicked on the link, here’s my website URL :

and I see that we loose track on the multi-site. Example :

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Hi there,

Unfortunately I think I would need to take a look at your actual account to really advise on this. I would recommend contacting our Support team via email or Live Chat -- they can take a look at your account and help you get this sorted.

One additional note -- I’m not sure if you pasted the URL twice in your post, but it looks like the URL is repeated.



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This is a late reply to this topic but in case others also search for this make sure that if you have a headless setup that this functionality is build in or created otherwise it does not understand it and you'll get this error.


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Hi there,


What is the rendered URL that the template is taking you to? I would recommend comparing that URL to a valid return-to-cart link. If you provide an example of the faulty URL here I can try to help you troubleshoot further.





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4 Ways to Resolve 404 Errors
1. Make Sure the Domain Is Pointing To Your Hosting
2. Fix File Permissions
3. Disable the .htaccess File
4. Restore Backup



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