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  • 9 April 2021
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I have been using the Abandoned Cart flow feature from Klaviyo and came accross a strange behaviour:

Situation: A customer has been able to convert a cart from Checkout Started to Placed Order. 

Issue: Despite the customer has fully placed the order, it seems the customer has been “tagged” or flagged with a checkout started which placed my customer into the “Abandoned Cart” flow. 



1/ What is the flow to be changed to be sure that if the customer has fully completed/placed the order then the customer shouldn't be flagged/seen into the “Abandoned Cart” flow.

2/ When checking the “Customer Thank you” flow where it flags customer who has fully placed order, this customer is not in this flow (which is wrong as the customer has completed her cart and placed the order), Does something need to be change here too? (as i want the process to be accurate and flag/process the customers to the right flow).


Many thanks and kind regards


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I always “over-filter” my abandoned cart and abandoned browser flows to avoid someone still going through the flow even after competing the purchase. (Sorry, not sure how to make this picture any smaller. :-/ )



How are you checking the people that *should* be in the flow, but are not? Are you going to the flow queue, or checking the contacts that failed the filters? Or are you going to the contact profile to see if they’re still pending, skipped, or failed? Do you have any other flow filters on the Thank You flow that might be filtering them out?

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Thank you for the follow up and feedback. It is very appreciated.



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Hi David, 

I am checking based on the Placed order (or order completed) and i could see in my shopify that she has paid for her order. So i guess as you have mentioned the customer has been captured as Checkout Started but didnt take in consideration the final stage “Placed Order”. 

So I was able to navigate into the “abandoned cart” and emails => the customer was there. The customer was/is the waiting queue of the email notification. 

In addition i have checked into “Customer Thank You” flow (for customer who completed at least one order or more) and the customer wasn’t there. 

For both flows, no additional filters have been added (I kept the one pre-setup).


  • Regarding your printscreen/image that you provide above (thank you for the image, i can easily see it on my computer), by adding the two additional filters (Fulfilled order and Checkout completed set to zero times): is this going to make sure the customer will be flagged as “abandoned cart”?
  • If the checkout is completed, does this mean that the customer will be automatically goes to the “Customer Thank you” flow? 
  • I dont See “checkout Completed” as i would like to amend my filters. Is there a reason why i dont see it? or will Fulfilled Order be enough?

Many thanks and kind regards

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Hi @PetSteph 


Thanks for sharing your question with the Community! Happy to hop in here.


In Shopify, I would first suggest reviewing the most recent Fulfilled Orders and then navigate to your Analytics tab in Klaviyo and ensure those events are populating. This can be found by selecting the Fulfilled Order metrics on the metrics screen of the Analytics tab.


Once you select the metric, on the top of the screen on the right toggle over to Activity Feed.

From here you will see the most recent events in order in which we receive them. Shopify syncs in real time so those orders should match up with the data you see in your store. I’m including this help doc about Shopify Metrics for some deeper explanation of each metric you’ll see in your account.


I am also including our extensive guide on creating an Abandoned Cart flow. David had some great advice above about filters, but this guide is worth the read as well!


If you are not seeing the correct information under your Placed Order and Fulfilled Order metrics, please ensure that your Shopify Integration is set up correctly with no existing errors.


I hope this helps!